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  • 2020 Investments
    There’s a lot going on in 2020 and we are almost through the 3rd quarter. I had planned on investing a lot this year for some personal goals. Most of … Read more
  • Introduction To Wealth & Land
    This is the first time I’ve written a blog, so I thought I should give a short introduction. Once I started to get serious about saving, investing, and becoming wealthy, … Read more
  • How High Interest Checking Can Help You Save
    If you’ve been interest in personal finances for a while you will know that there is something called a high interest savings account. High interest savings accounts are around 1.5% … Read more
  • Mining Cryptocurrency
    Some people might believe that mining cryptocurrency is an easy, fast way to make lots of money. After all, crypto prices are volatile and are sometimes extremely high. However, cryptocurrency … Read more
  • How To Start Investing
    Over the years I’ve decided to become wealthy. In that pursuit I’ve learned a lot about investing. Friends and even a few colleagues of mine have asked me how to … Read more
  • Deciding to Become Wealthy
    If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already decided to become wealthy. But what does becoming wealthy mean to you? I started this blog to track my thoughts on what … Read more
  • Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?
    I’ve seen a lot of articles and videos telling people to invest in cryptocurrency. You should keep X amount of money in alternative assets, they say! Funny thing is most … Read more
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