Introduction To Wealth & Land

Introduction To Wealth & Land

introduction to wealth and land

This is the first time I’ve written a blog, so I thought I should give a short introduction. Once I started to get serious about saving, investing, and becoming wealthy, I decided to start (another – there’s a lot) blog about personal finances. The reason I created this blog was to talk about the things I find interesting about finance, investing, houses, alternative investments, business ideas, and anything else on my mind. Since I have been interested in finance related subjects for some years, it is easy enough to collect my thoughts and share them in a blog format.

Making Goals

With the blog started, I had to start thinking about my goals. I’ve made the commitment to become wealthy and this site will go over the progress that I’ve made and include information that I’ve have learned along the way. I’ll be encouraging others who don’t believe they can become wealthy to think about ways they can save and invest.

Every year I am going to go over what worked, what didn’t, and what my plans are for the next year. For my 2020 investments I’ve mostly been preparing for market fluctuations. With everything that has happened this year, I’m putting a majority of my money into strong ETFs, bonds, and some alternative investments.

Goals are hard to achieve without knowing exactly what you want. Since making a goal to become wealthy is rather vague, I’m going to be putting in place smaller goals to reach along the way. For example, one of those goals is to hit $500k in personal net worth by the time I am 31. After that, I will have a goal goal to be at $1m in net worth by the time I am 35. It’s going to be tough to do but I think it will be worth it long term.

I’d like to help inspire others to make financial goals as well. Even if your don’t define wealth the same as me, or your amounts are vastly different, it’s nice to have support when trying to achieve something big. Motivation plays a big role in reaching your goals and this blog is motivation for me to stick with it.

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